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Bond between men and mountains is as old as the human history. Providing the basic life line for human survival, mountains fulfill the human instincts of stimulating spirit, seeking solitude and desire for the adventure. It is vital for us all to remain engaged with the mother nature to learn about survival, maintain our health and spirits, and above all explore and experience the joys of nature’s boundless beauty and marvel. Dominating the heights symbolises a nation’s spirit to meet the extreme challenges. I invite you all, specially our youth, to get out and venture the wilderness of the mountain areas and enjoy the abounding adventure opportunities offered by lofty mountains of the spectacular Karakoram, Himalayas, Hindukush and smaller ranges of Pakistan. Approaching and climbing mountains needs compatible training for safety for optimising its joys. In Alpine Club of Pakistan – band of mountaineers and climbers, we are engaged, for the past four decades, in training all interested in mountaineering, Climbing (Rock, Ice & Sports) and mountain related adventure activities, launching mountaineering expeditions and all other forms of climbing. Sports climbing is also taking root amongst the youth world over with numerous international competitions being held around the world. I take this opportunity to invite you to join us in spreading the cause of mountaineering, mountain adventure activities and climbing in Pakistan, while preserving this natural endowment for our future generations.