Abu Zafar Sadiq

Mr. Abu Zafar Sadiq

Mr. Abu Zafar Sadiq, a mountaineer, sport/rock climber, hiker, trekker; worked as trekking guide/liaison officer, Coach and Manager of adventure activities. He has been climbing and trekking since 1982 and roamed most of Gilgit-Baltistan – the paradise of mountaineers and adventure lovers. He attended mountaineering courses, participated in international workshops, conferences, seminars and presented his papers, as well. His poetry and travelogues occasional appear in journals.

Mr. Sadiq joined ACP in 1989; elected as Board Member in 1992; Treasurer in 2004; Secretary 2010 and President in December, 2017. His keen interest and personal efforts, ACP has been transformed into the real national climbing Federation and striving hard to accelerate development of mountaineering and mountain related activities in Pakistan. A speed climbing wall of international standards has been built in Sport Complex at Islamabad. Some other projects including building of Sport Climbing facilities, establishment of Sport Climbing Academies, Mountaineering Institutes have been initiated, besides expanding its range of activities.

He is in his mid-career of civil service, and remained posted in Ministries of Tourism, Sports, Culture & Youth Affairs due to his for promotion of adventure sports among youth. We hope with the combination of his public and private sector experience coupled with his international exposure and passion the horizons of ACP shall expand further. Under his charismatic leadership, the Executive Board of ACP shall enhance its activities manifold by driving youth not only to unleash their own abilities for personal development but also for national ones, ultimately leading the society to live in peace and harmony.