• Chief of Army Staff
  • Chief of Naval Staff
  • Chief of Air Staff
  • Mr Amir Gulistan Janjua Former Governor N.W.F.P
  • Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister, Gilgit Baltistan

Annual General Meeting  Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club members is the prime body which controls the Club affairs. AGM is held once in a year before 31 October each year which elects the Executive Council once in three years and approves programmes, budget and other Club affairs including its Rules and Regulations on annual basis. It authorises the Executive Council for running day to day affairs of the Club.

Executive Council
Management of the Alpine Club of Pakistan is vested in the Executive Council, which is elected for three years tenure by the Annual General Meeting of the members, held once in a calendar year. It comprises a President, Vice Presidents (4 to 5), Hon Secretary, Treasurer and upto 15 Executive Council members. The Executive Council meets once in three months or earlier, if required, and makes decisions as to the functioning and activities of the Club.

Executive Council Committees

  • Mountaineering Expeditions
  • Training
  • Sports Climbing
  • Competitions
  • Membership, Rules and Regulations and Affiliations
  • Mountain Environments
  • Educational institutions, Youth and Women Affairs
  • Media and Publication
  • Equipment and Stores