Expeditions launched by Alpine Club of Pakistan


Year Name of the Expedition Peak with Height Remarks
1974 Pak-American Expedition of Mt. Paiju Mt. Paiju (6700 m) Unsuccessful
Leader: Nicholas B. Clinch
Mr. Momin Hamid died in an accident on the mountain
1976 Services Expedition to Mt. Paiju. (first all Pakistani ACP expedition Mt. Paiju (6700 m) Successful: Three ACP members reached the Summit. It was First International ascent of the peak.
Leader: Maj. Manzoor Hussain. Summiteers: Mr. Nazir A. Sabir, Maj Manzoor Hussain and Bashir Ahmad
1977 Pak-Japanese Expedition to K-2 K-2 (8611 m) Successful: First Pakistani ascent. ACP member Mr. Ashraf Aman became the first proud Pakistani to stand on the K-2 summit.
Leader: Ishuru Sushizawa
1978 Pak-Japanese Expedition to Passu Peak Passu Peak main (7440 m) Successful: Two ACP member reached the summit. First International ascent of the peak.
Leader: Capt Chitoshi Ando
Pakistani Leader: Maj Manzoor Hussain
Pakistani Summitteers: Capt Sher Khan
Capt Inayat Wali
1979 Pak-Polish Expedition to Rakaposhi Rakaposhi Peak (7878 m) Successful: First Pakistani ascent
Leader: Capt Sher Khan
Pakistan Summitter: Capt Sher Khan
1981 Pak-Japanese Expedition to K-2 K-2 (8611 m) Successful: Nazir Sabir became the second Pakistani to reach K-2 summit.
Leader: Tiru Matsura
1982 Italian-Pakistan Expedition to Broad Peak Broad Peak (8047 m) Successful
Leader: Reinhold Messener
Summitters: Reinhold Messener, Nazir Sabir and Capt Sher Khan
1982 Italian-Pakistan Expedition to Gasherbrum II Gasherbrum II (8035 m) Successful.
Leader: Reinhold Messener
Summiteers: Reinhold Messener, Nazir Sabir, Capt Sher Khan
1982 Pak-French Expedition to Nanga Parbat Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Successful.
Leader: Piere Moseu
1983 Pak-Austrian Expedition to Nanga Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Unsuccessful.
Leader: George Schaller
1984 Pak-Austrian Expedition to Yakshun Gardan Yakshun Gardan (7500 m) Unsuccessful
1984 Pak-Japanese Expedition to Yakshun Gardan Yakshun Gardan (7500 m) Successful. First Pakistani ascent.
Leader: Kinshiro Otaki
Pakistani Summitter: Maj Sher Khan
1984 Pak-Britain Expedition to Karun Koh Karun Koh (7350 m) Unsuccessful
1985 Pak-Polish Expedition Ultar Sar (7385 m) Unsuccessful
1985 International Marathon to Ultar Sar From Dassu to Askole (Skardu)
1986 Pak-Japanese Expedition to Ultar Sar Ultar Sar (7385 m) Unsuccessful
1987 Pak-Japanese K-2 K-2 (8611 m) Unsuccessful
1994 Pak-American Polish Expedition to K-2 Mt. K-2 (8611 m) Unsuccessful
1996 ACP Passu Expedition Passu Peak (7284 m) Successful with record number of 15 Pakistani reaching the Summit.
Leader: Lt. Col (R) Manzoor Hussain
Summiteers included Rajab Shah, Meherban Shah, Saad Tariq Siddiqi, Faiz Ali & others
1997 First Pakistan Everest Expedition (North col side in Tibet, China) Mt. Everest (8848 m) Unsuccessful.
Leader: Mr. Nazir Sabir
Dy. Leader: Lt. Col. Sher Khan
Members: Rajab Shah
Meherban Shah, Capt. M. Iqbal, Capt. Dr. Safiullah, M. Ibrahim, Rozi Ali, M. Sarwar and Ghulam Hassan
1997 First China-Pakistan Nanga Parbat Expedition Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Successful. Summit party included six Chinese and two ACP members
Leader: Sam Druk
Dy. Leader: Saad Tariq Siddiqi
Pakistani Summiteers: Mohammadullah, Aziz Beg
1997 ACP BMW Kieshek Peak Expedition  Kieshek Peak (6100 m) Successful.
Leader: M. A. H. Muzaffar Faizi
1998 ACP FUCHS Spantik Peak Expedition Spantik Peak (7200 m) Successful.
Leader: Saad Tariq Siddiqi
Summiteers: M. Zubair Farooqi, Rehmatullah Qureshi, Nisar Hussain
1999 First Pakistan ACP Winter Expedition to Pir Peak (Shimshal) Pir Peak (6363 m) Successful.
Leader: Mohammad Nasir Awan
Summiteers: Ali Musa, Aman Khan, Rehmat Ali, Shumbi Khan and others
2001 China Pakistan Joint Broad Peak Expedition Broad Peak (8047-M) Successful:
Leader: Mr. Sam Drug. Six Chinese and two Pakistani members reached summit.
Pak Summiteers: Rehmat Ullah Qureshi. Qurban Muhammad.
2002 China Pakistan Joint K-2 Expedition K-2 (8611 m) Unsuccessful
Leader: Mr. Sam Drug
China Tibet Members – 12
Pakistani Members – 02
Capt. Muhammad Iqbal Khan met fatal accident and died at Camp II
2004 China Pakistan Joint K-2 Expedtion K-2 (8611 m) Successful
Leader: Mr. Sam Drug
Six Chinese and two Pakistani reached summit.
Pak Summiteers: Muhammad Hussain and Nisar Hussain
2005 China Pakistan Joint G-I Expedition Gasherbrum-I (8068 m) Unsuccessful
Leader: Mr. Sam Drug
Abandoned due to accident / death of Chinese climber Mr. Rena near Skardu
2006 Pakistan Gasherbrum-II Expedition Gasherbrum-II (8035 m) Unsuccessful
Leader: Lt. Col. Amjad Wali
Six Army and Three ACP members
2007 China Pakistan Joint G-I Expedition Gasherbrum-I (8068 m) Successful
Leader: Mr. Sam Drug
Summiteers: 1. Tse Ring Dorji. 2. Ben Ba Drashi. 3. Loze. 4. Ban Ba Dhundrup. 5. Bian Ba Zha XI. 6. Suo Lang Zha XI. 7. Ms. Ji Ji. 8. Nisar Hussain. 9. Muhammad Nazir. 10 Fida Muhammad.
2007 Serbia Pakistan Joint Broad Peak Expedition Broad Peak (8047 m) Successful:
Leader: Milivoj Erdeljan
1. Dren Mandic. 2. Iso Planic. 3. Hassan Sadpara. 4. Muhammad Sadiq
2011 Pakistan Mt Everest Expedition Mt Everest (8850 m) South side situated in Nepal Successful:

1.Leader/Manager Mr Muhammad Ali Changezi, Vice President ACP
2.Mr Hassan Sadpara –(Second Pakistani to climb all 8000 m high peaks in Pakistan)
3. Mr. Muhammad Sadiq (climber of four Pakistani peaks rising above 8000 metres).
4. Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Faisal – Asst Manager and support member